We believe in stories. Not only do stories have the power to change the world, but our entire life experience is built on top of them. There’s no way to deny it. Life needs stories and stories need living storytellers. People like you, driven by the gift of imagination.

We have a goal. To reinforce and stimulate you. We’ll provide the skills you need in order to become a master in the craft of storytelling yourself. We’ll bring you top notch, industry level knowledge so you can be effective in telling the stories you want.

We’ll shake things up. The strongest knowledge comes in the form of memorable experiences. It’s not only about learning film history or analyzing the 3-act structure, it’s actually about living to the utmost. Making friends, sharing memories, having the experience of a lifetime.

We’ll make it special. Two weeks you’ll never forget. Expect great combos of screenwriting practice led by some of the best professionals in the market with daily and carefully designed activities that will f%&$ing blow your mind.

We’re DRAMA.PT, the ultimate screenwriters summercamp brought to you by the same team of GUIÕES and PLOT – Professional Script Lab.

#1 (JULY 2018)
GUEST FILMMAKERS – Andrew Hulme, Carlos Marques-Marcet, Alexandra Ramires

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#2 (TBA)